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What is CPD?

CPD is a universal term used within the training and learning sector, CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. CPD activities are designed to support individuals to develop knowledge, enhance skills and ensure working practices are kept up to date. Many sectors, organisations and professions have a requirement for people to complete structured CPD. Different types of learning activities can count towards CPD such as: Instructor lead training, E-learning, seminars, workshops, plus many more.

Who we work with

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Beauty, Aesthetics & well-being

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Medical & healthcare

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Catering & events

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Fitness, PT’s & gyms

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Recruitment & HR

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Coaching, Mentoring & E-learning

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Real estate

Why get CPD accredited?

By gaining CPD accreditation through CPD Professionals shows your commitment to high quality, externally verified training that is aligned to industry standards. This can set you apart from competitors and increase your credibility. The accreditation process ensures your training courses, system and policies meet robust quality standards to ensure the training has an impact for all your trainers.

Once accredited you can advertise your training with the CPD kitemark on marketing materials, training resources and certificates.


How It works?

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Register online

You will need to register as an accredited training centre with us using our online form

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CPD Approval

Once approved you can then submit your training materials and resources for approval

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Following the audit you will be able to certify and market your training as CPD accredited

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