Holly Brougham

Name: Holly Brougham Email: hollybrougham1@live.co.uk Expertise: IV Vitamin Therapy Courses qualified to teach: Foundation IVNT Advanced IVNT Vitamin Injections Phlebotomy IV Vitamin Therapy Location: Liverpool Wirral Chester Manchester book this approved trainer

Tameka Martin

Name: Tameka Martin Email: tammonet@touchofhealth.co.uk Expertise: We specialise in post surgery aftercare and non surgical body contouring Courses qualified to teach: Post surgery aftercare Wood therapy Lymphatic drainage massage book this approved trainer

Hayley Powell

Name: Hayley Powell Email: admin@prettypinkies.co.uk Expertise: Beauty, skin and Aesthetics Courses qualified to teach: All aspects of beauty – acrylic, gel and biab nails Manicure/pedicure Spray tanning Brows Lashes Makeup Waxing full body, intimate, brows etc Facials Chemical peels Dermaplane Microdermabrasion Laser skin rejuvenation Laser hair removal Tattoo removal All aspects of aesthetics book this […]

Laura Mawendeh

Name: Laura Mawendeh Email: lauraheron80@yahoo.com Expertise: Anti wrinkle Skin boosters Massage Dermaplane Maso therapy Phlebotomy Courses qualified to teach: Anti wrinkle injections basic and advance Dermal fillers basic and advance Skin boosters Maso therapy Dermaplane Skin peels I.v vitamin therapy Phlebotomy Massage I.m injections Breast Augmentation Hip dips and bum filler. Location: Liverpool, Manchester and the […]

Dannielle Crossland

Name: Dannielle Crossland Email: dannielle@laskinhairbeautytraining.com Expertise: All aesthics and beauty Courses qualified to teach: All aesthics and beauty book this approved trainer

Alex Alexander

Name: Alex Alexander Email: info@lex-cosmetics.com Expertise: Medical aesthetics and skin Courses qualified to teach: Botox Fillers Skin boosters Fat dissolving Chemical peels Dermaplane Prp Microneedling Hydrafacial Jalupro And more book this approved trainer